Last school year, he had more than 10 absences. He flunked a couple of mid-quarter tests and some quizzes. He struggled in both Filipino and Math, while I struggled in keeping up with our schedules.

The second half of 2016 was kind’a tough. I had two jobs without a house-help. Carlyle had no nanny for most of the year (until now). I got sick and eventually had to undergo surgery due to CTS, in October 2016. From end of August 2016 until around February 2017, my right hand was almost useless. To make things worse, we live by ourselves, yes, just him and me.

There were days he’d sleep hungry because he couldn’t wake me up to cook him food. During exam weeks, we’d only spend at most 3 hours to review 3-4 subjects. At times, he would have to adjust to my schedule; he’d sleep at 6PM and would be up by 3AM to review or do his homework. Sounds like a college student, eh? 😀 Anyway, imagine my surprise when I was told he made it to the honors list!

So today was his recognition day (held in most schools every March). After he received his awards, I saw him crying. I asked why, he said he wanted the gold medal but got the bronze instead. I hugged and kissed him and told him I  would always be proud, regardless of his academic standing. He understood and promised he to work hard to get the gold medal next year.

But honestly, I don’t really want to push him too hard. Learning is never about the academic citations, anyway. It’s a bonus, yeah, but it never guarantees where he will be in the future. I want him to enjoy school and know that there’s much more to learn outside it.


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